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Make Lives #BetterForever

Every gift will be doubled to make lives #BetterForever in Africa !

#SandiHouse Donation Options

#GiveItUp for #CleanWater


The #1 Need in Africa is clean water


Your gift will help us provide #IMAGINE Clean Water filters that will give people a #lifetime of clean water.

Every $8 helps a child/adult

Every $50 helps a family

Every $150 helps a school

#GiveItUp for #SolarLamps


The #2 need in Africa is solar lamps  

Many African families don't have electricity and have to use unsafe, unhealthy, and dim kerosene lamps and candles for light.  Your donation will truly make lives #BetterForever.

EVERY $10 gives a family a solar lamp

#GiveItUp for #NeedyGirls


The #3 need is for #SandiGirlSponsors


We currently have 12 girls who need a #SandiGirlSponsor. Your support will help a needy girl or orphan receive a quality education, food, clothing, and a bed in the SandiHouse. 

Sponsor a Girl for $41/mos (or $500/yr) 

#GiveItUp for #MicroEnterprise and #UnderPaidWomen


The #4 need is to help the #Underpaid

Many African families (especially women, single mothers, and widows) struggle to make a liveable wage to care for their families. Many people only earn $1 to $3 per day!  Every $100 #MicroEnterprise donation will make a family's life #BetterForever by helping them start or grow a small business.

#GiveItUp for #BigImpactProjects


The #5 need is for #BigImpactProjects

Some people want to make a #BigImpact with a #BigGift 

Click here for a list of present  #BigImpactProjects

that will need $250, $500, $1000, $2500, $5000 or more to accomplish! 


#GiveItUp #Crowdfunding Get others involved


4 out of 5 Americans would rather have family and friends donate money to a special cause or charity, than give them gifts they really don't need.  You can use our #GiveItUp #BetterForever Projects and #CrowdFunding tools to invite people to donate to your favorite #GiveItUp project.  Enlist others to make lives #BetterForever.  Email us for info.

#GiveUp Something & Make Lives #BetterForever

WHAT to #GiveUp?


The sky's the limit! Use your imagination!

Your help can make a needy person's life #BetterForever any day you choose to #GiveUp some money or #GiveUp any of the following purchases...

* Soft drinks

* Dessert

* Junk food

* Fast food

* Starbucks

* New piece of clothing

* New gadget

* New piece of jewelry

* Spare change

* Sell some unused "stuff"

* Birthday or Anniversary presents

* Personal Christmas presents

* Funeral memorials

* Unused gym membership

* Unexpected money or bonus

* Or whatever you feel prompted or led to in order to help make a needy person's life #BetterForever.

WHY #GiveUp Something?


We all do it.  

We spend extra money on food or things we don't really need.  

What if the next time you have the "urge" to spend, you instead decide to "GIVE IT UP!" 

to help make someone's life #BetterForever?  

Your donation won't just give a #HandOut for a day, but will give a #HandUp that can make someone's life #BetterForever!

Give a SandiHouse donation and #ExperienceRealJoy knowing your gift will make  the lives of #RealPeople with #RealNeeds #BetterForever


WHO will #GiveUp $$ Help?


Here is what your #GiveUp $$ can do...

Every $8 gives a person a life-time of #CleanDrinkingWater

Every $10 will provide a Solar Lamp for a family with no electricity

Every $41 gives a monthly Sandi House scholarship to needy girl or orphan

Every $50 will give a life-time of clean water for a family and their neighbors

Every $100 will help a family or #UnderPaid  woman start or grow her business with a #MicroEnterprise investment

Every $150 gives clean drinking water to a school and all their students

Every $500 or more helps #BigImpact projects to be accomplished

We will help you make lives #BetterForever

Our Pledge to You


We will faithfully use and deliver YOUR SandiHouse GiveItUp.Club donations to provide life-changing and life-giving #RealHelp to #RealPeople with #RealNeeds. 

We will NOT use your donations to pay ourselves a salary.  We will volunteer our time to oversee this charity work.  We will do everything we can to maximize your donation. 

We will NOT use your money to

pay for our annual travels to the SandiHouse in Africa to help oversee the work that is being done there.

We will NOT use any of your donations to pay for fundraising costs related to this work but will cover these costs with our own personal #GiveItUp donations. 

Brian & Mary Ellen Kluth



We are glad to talk with you about any questions you may have.  You can reach us at:

Brian's cell: 719.930.4000

Mary Ellen's cell: 303.956.9356

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